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In terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000, an Information Manual must be created and made available at the address of every business in South Africa and must be lodged with the Human Rights Commission. This includes Close Corporations, Companies, Partnerships and Sole Proprietors ("business"). We create an Information Manual for your business, email it to you and lodge it for you electronically with the Human Rights Commission.

To: Information Manuals Online - a unit of Kembul CC
Courier address: Business Registration,
PostNet, Shop No. 3, The Circle Centre, Caledon Street, Somerset West, 7130.
Postal address: P O Box 1138, Somerset West, South Africa 7129
Tel: 0861 BUSINESS or 021 852-4444
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Please click in the applicable boxes, making a tick/check mark, thus: , to indicate that the Business holds records available in terms of the following legislation: (If you do not know what an Act is about or requires, leave the box UNchecked/empty, as you then probably do not hold records in terms of that Act.)
Administration of Estates Act, No.66 of 1965
Arbitration Act, No.42 of 1965
Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No.75 of 1997
Close Corporations Act, No.69 of 1984
Companies Act, No.61 of 1973
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Health Diseases Act, No.130 of 1993
Consumer Affairs (Unfair Business Practices) Act, No.71 of 1988
Copyright Act, No.98 of 1978
Credit Agreements Act, No.75 of 1980
Currency and Exchanges Act, No.9 of 1933
Debtor Collectors Act, No.114 of 1998
Employment Equity Act, No.55 of 1998
Finance Act, No.35 of 2000
Financial Services Board Act, No.97 of 1990
Financial Relations Act, No.65 of 1976
Harmful Business Practices Act, No.23 of 1999
Income Tax Act, No.95 of 1967
Insolvency Act, No.24 of 1936
Insurance Act, No.27 of 1943
Intellectual Property Laws Amendments Act, No.38 of 1997
Labour Relations Act, No.66 of 1995
Long Term Insurance Act, No.52 of 1998
Medical Schemes Act, No.131 of 1998
Occupational Health & Safety Act, No.85 of 1993
Pension Funds Act, No.24 of 1956
Post Office Act, No.44 of 1958
Regional Services Councils Act, No.109 of 1985
SA Reserve Bank Act, No.90 of 1989
Short Term Insurance Act, No.53 of 1998
Skills Development Levies Act, No.9 of 1999
Skills Development Act, No.97 of 1998
Stamp Duties Act, No.77 of 1968
Stock Exchange Control Act, No.1 of 1985
Tax on Retirement Funds Act, No.38 of 1996
Trade Marks Act, No.194 of 1993
Unemployment Contributions Act, No.4 of 2002
Unemployment Insurance Act, No.63 of 2001
Usury Act, No.73 of 1968
Value Added Tax Act, No.89 of 1991

Please check the applicable boxes to indicate the records which the Business makes available without a member of the public having to request access:
This manual will be linked on the above website within 3 days of receipt
Common product leaflets
Common services leaflets

Please check the applicable boxes to indicate the records held by the Business that may be requested by a member of the public: (Remember, although most of the records below would be available, a requester is not automatically allowed access to these records, and a request for access to any of these records may be refused in accordance with sections 62 to 69 of the Act, on the grounds of protection of the privacy of a third party who is a natural person, protection of the commercial information of a third party, protection of certain confidential information of a third party, protection of the safety of individuals and the protection of property, protection of records privileged from production in legal proceedings, or protection of the commercial information of your business.)
Personnel records
Information provided to the Business by its personnel
Information provided by a third party to the Business about any of its personnel
Personnel-related contractual and other records
Customer-related records
Information provided to the Business by its customers
Records generated by the Business pertaining to customers
Business records
Financial records
Operational records
Marketing records
Statutory records
Records of other parties
Service providers

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